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Furnace Humidifier
Furnace Humidifier Humidistat 90S Replacement Filter

15 Gallon Drum Style Furnace Humidifier

Model Wait 1000

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15 Gallon output per day humidifies up to 4000 square feet.

High temperature plastic cabinet with easy left or right hand ducting and an easily removable, high temperature thermoplastic water pan will not rust.

Patented one piece adjustable float valve.

Patented seamless polyurethane evaporative pad assures steady, even drum rotation and will not separate over time.

Uses evaporative pad model 90S or 90AB.

Benefits of proper humidification:

PROTECT YOUR HOME: By keeping your home at a comfortable humidification level you not only make a better living environment for yourself, but also for your furniture and floors. Humidified air will also reduce the amount of static electricity in your home.

EASE OF OPERATION: A furnace mounted humidifier installs directly on the furnace, has an automatic water supply and will deliver humidified air to each and every room in your home.

QUIET OPERATION: Since the humidifier is located on your furnace, you do not have the constant noise that a portable humidifier creates.

LOWER YOUR HEATING BILL: Moist air feels warmer than dry air; therefore, increasing the humidity makes your home feel warmer.

HUMIDIFY FOR HEALTH: Most doctors will agree that a properly humidified home creates a better living environment. Humidification helps to protect against dry skin and other symptoms associated with dry air.

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